Restaurant Grill de la Piscine

Service de 12h00 à 13h30


• Melon, cured ham and green salad 13.00
• Slow-cooked vegetables served in a shot glass 11.00
• Terrine of goat cheese and beetroots, green salad 11.00
• Cesar salad, roasted chicken supreme 13.00
• Gaspacho of fresh tomato, green salad 09.00
• Salmon marinated with dill 13.00
• Tartare of tuna**, green salad 14.00
• Tomato salad, mozzarella cheese, basil vinaigrette 13.00


• Thick slice of lamb leg cooked with herbes de Provence home-made ratatouille 18.00
• Grilled shrimps skewers (5 pièces**), crunchy vegetable salad, vinaigrette scented with roasted sesame oil 19.50
• Salmon Label Rouge(180g), shallot extra vierge sauce, olives and tomatoes, green beans salad 19.00
• Beef Tartare (180g*), matchstick fries 16.00
• Grilled rib steak of beef (200g*),home-made ratatouille 21.00
• Children's dish (up to 12 years-old) Minced beef (180g*), matchstick fries 12.00

*origine France V.B.F.
** Produits surgelés en mer


• Dessert of the day
• Red fruits Tiramisu 09.80
• Ice cream and sorbets (3 euros per ball or 7 euros 3 balls)
(Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach, Coffee, Mango, Lemon, Apricot) 09.00
• Strawberry, Raspberry and melon, Chantilly cream 09.80
• Liégeois coffee or Liégeois chocolate 12.00
• Melba peach or Melba strawberry or Melba raspberry 12.00


• Club sandwich, chips and green salad 18.00
(bacon, chicken, hard-boiled egg, tomato)
• Hamburger (180 g), chips and green salad 21.00
• Portion of chips 04.50
• Green salad 03.00
• Home-made Ratatouille 05.00
• Crunchy vegetable salad 05.00

MENU à 28.50 Euros

1 Starter + 1 Main dish

MENU à 24.50 Euros

1 Main dish + 1 Dessert

MENU à 33.50 Euros

1 Starter + 1 Main dish + 1 Dessert

Grill Restaurant : Open for lunch only - from 12pm to 1.30pm.

Swimming pool access : from 10 am to 6 pm for our non-resident clients.

The use of the swimming pool is free of charge. Deckchairs are available upon reservation for the clients of our restaurants. The price is 14.00€ per person (according to availability).

The management reserves the right to refuse access to the swimming pool to anyone who does not respect the tranquility of the place.

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